Here I Am.

It’s late.  Quite often, I sit and think late at night.  I have a family, friends and a full rich life and here I am alone, thinking.  I will start my journey of returning to writing tonight.  It has been a lot of years and I am not sure about this electronic format.  Being a mother and a woman brings me more questions than answers.  Am I alone in that thought process or is this common?  Maybe I am seeking to find that I am actually the same and not unique for once.  I saw a documentary called ‘The Motherload’.  It stuck with me.  I wanted more of the discussion revolving around working mothers.  The irony of it is, I am living the Motherload.  I don’t have the time, energy or focus to find more.  Family, work, aging parents.  Where do I fit in the equation?  If I can’t make the routine of life easier, how can I make the ‘rush’ more meaningful?  Maybe writing through the insomnia will help me see the way.